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Status Title Date
Queued Anivia Insert Post Option is Gone
Queued Few Bugs with Anivia Theme
Queued Setting for boxed layout
Queued Remove icons from expanded uSquare
Queued Icon problems
Queued Install demo content
Close Color of the Menu bar
Queued Size of the fonts
Queued To put a border of a web page
Queued Plugin Update – All Slider
Close News Tab
Queued Updated and Now My Frontend Builder is not workin
Queued Content Timeline / “timeline flatLine flatNav timelineTouch
Queued Content Timeline display broke with WP 2.8.2/2.8.3 update
Queued Content Timeline is running very slowly on IE8
Queued Spacing between squares
Queued Failure on Mobile Devices
Queued All Around JQuery making page scroll on mobile
Queued Link portfolio thumbnail to website
Queued Text won’t load correctly
Close Remove social network from Team Member
Close Problems in Multi-site environment
Queued Posts are not "Full Width." What am I doing wrong?
Close Home Page
Queued Carousel Shortcode Rotate Plugin
Queued Soundcloud
Queued problem with installation of theme CONNECT
Queued Need help with installing this on my website
Queued Lightbox Image – NOT WORK – Versión 2.1.0
Queued change some staff
Queued Show more pages in pagination links
Close UPGRADE TO 2.1
Queued Return back after ajax pagination
Queued Title Has Wrong Class "Header-Shade"
Queued The "Timeline_Content" does not display
Queued iMap> Responsive popup position in odd spots
Queued pretty photo jquery image link
Queued iMap> Responsive 'Close' button missing
Queued Totally confused……i’m sorry !
Close Size of Item
Queued Reducing space beneath slider?
Queued Set Up And New Version
Queued Swipe functionality not working for iOS
Queued Timeline color and start item issues
Queued I want to create a slider post
Queued Date and spacing
Queued Change Contact Form Text
Queued Problems with "More" display…
Close Need a manual !!
Close [WooCommerce] Blured product’s images
Queued How do I add additional images to image map
Queued Frontend editor hides shortcode plugin generator
Queued how to insert usquare on a website
Close Item open scroll speed
Queued uSquare conflict with Woocommerce
Queued Fatal error on Install
Queued Changing theme’s language
Queued Various questions
Queued Not able to translate theme
Queued Frontend Constructor is not working
Queued slide video
Close Error once installed
Queued Homepage settings
Queued Prettybox – bug and question
Queued Adding Sidebar without Frontend Builder
Queued Media Files for Demo not uploading
Close Time line will not save.
Queued uSquare not working in Internet Explorer
Queued White Screen Public View
Close Copying Content Timeline
Close iMapWP > ‘Default’ font still outputting content
Queued Content Timeline – add ‘time’ displaying
Close Start Item
Queued Info Boxes
Queued Carousel Trouble with IE11
Close Resizing featured images in portfolio
Close How to change font types?
Queued slider jumps multiple positions
Close iMapWP> Apostrophe’s in Item Content breaks system
Close Portfolio item with multiple images
Close Some more question
Queued downloading new verision of aniva
Close Front-End builder
Close iMapWP > Missing Functionality
Close iMap> ‘Dead Space’ on tail of hover/popup
Queued Front End Builder and sharing plugins
Queued Sidebar on product page
Queued "Light" Layout Style – Footer colours are wrong
Queued Make header elements larger (Logo and Navigation text)
Queued How do I create a portfolio?
Queued Frontend builder > "Open in WP Editor" is not working
Queued Sticky Header covers up anchored content
Close ID & Custom CSS
Queued some issues with DLIGHT
Queued Dates inside the circles of the timeline
Queued Demo content still asking for plugin
Queued Possibilty to fix the slider or give fix
Queued Full Width Gallery
Close css code – red outline of editing row/widget boxes
Queued Undefined index error
Queued New Version
Queued Map and logo font
Close DVSN – Division WP
Queued Iphone menu don´t work!!!
Close A few Questions (sorry)
Queued Anivia 2.0: 1) Widget bug, 2) Cyrillic fonts bug
Close Widget hunt
Close Closed ticket but does problem still occur
Queued www.alzawiyah.org
Queued Having Trouble with Demo content / Light version
Queued Frontend Text Editor Not Working after Update
Queued blog roll layout
Close Problem to install the demo content
Queued Anivia 2.0 WP won’t install, breaks WP 3.8.1
Queued Errors in admin panel
Queued Where can I find the slider: news slider?
Queued Sidebar setting empty
Queued Slider setup
Queued Sizing and nesting rows
Queued Front end builder error
Queued Revolution Slider Transistion
Queued removing left box¿?
Queued Content width can\’t be below the default 490px
Close Image problems
Close Timeline year
Close Front End Builder _Newsltter and Social
Close How to show custom type posts in Front End Builder
Close does not work
Close Blog Page, Grid Layout
Close Slider with images
Close Content Timeline error in IE10
Close Frontend Builder Plugin not activating
Close Add first row to frontend builder
Close qtranslate compatibility
Queued Responsive – Menu, Logo and Login buttons overlap
Close Healcode Script
Close WooCommerce product page bug
Close Applying KLax to wordpress theme.
Close Scroll function not working & pins moving around
Close Front End Builder stopped working
Close frontend builder
Close Can you convet FBuilder to primary php?
Close Can you send me the pot files
Close WP Login Screen errors – cannot access admin panel
Close Remove Cart Icon and My Account
Close Card Style configuration
Close Setting up New style
Close Plugin zip file will not load
Close multiple problems with plugins
Close Cannot save New Timeline in WordPress Multisite
Close Translation
Close I can’t click on add a new row on frontend builder
Close Help Setting up demo content
Close Internet Explorer Not displaying
Close Can we set active slide for each page?
Close IPad Issues
Close Timeline plugin overflows below element
Close Problems with Anivia Theme instalation
Close Colour of Arrows on Usquare grid
Close Klax header disrupted in my wordpress theme
Close Need a little help setting up my theme
Close Any way to show featured vid in 1 Col. Blog?
Close favicon location
Close Can’t save Timeline on Multisite
Close Warning and few errors
Close Zoom not working correctly
Close Image Lightbox
Close Editor Pop-up shadow freezes open window
Close Front End Builder breaks with Yoast WordPress SEO
Close Adding more item to the content slider
Close Why it is getting so late between Next and
Close ‘Add New’ Page Issues
Close WordPress Plugin Conflict
Close Anivia menu (shop)
Close Pictures and margins
Close Portfolio descriptions not opening up
Close problem with image gallery
Close Missing G+ URL field in header settings
Close Arial font
Close template from 2013 – issues
Close Place Other icons at end
Close Can’t Save Timeline
Close Extra space above theme
Close Issues with FEATURES element
Close Change Profile Photo
Close Timeline spacing
Close Front End Builder Can’t Edit POSTS Page
Close Widgets only show on one page
Close WooCommerce Shop Not Showing
Queued Twitter Feeds
Close Responsive uSquare grid not totally responsive…!
Close Changing size of LOGO displayed image
Close KK Star Ratings misaligned
Close Title Colors Reversed
Close Custom CSS
Close Client updated woocommerce
Close Possible to do dynamic uSquare
Close Identify main middle circle
Close Website configuration
Close Title not displaying correctly on iOS and Android
Close CSS alignment issues?
Close Sidebar often not dropable
Close Contact form not sending email
Close Scroll to top Button possible with this theme?
Close Conflict with WP theme, lost features.
Close Couple questions regarding anivia theme
Close turorials or videos for the portal template
Close Simple Menu Issue
Close Error – Plugin Not Working
Close Embed a YouTube video into a blog post
Close Page auto refresh
Close About scrolling bar
Close uSquare not working in widgets
Close Timeline Not Saving on Multisite
Close Store only one month
Close Admin rights wiped out
Close Embed a YouTube video into grid content area
Close API to make changes without editing plugin
Close Remove Categories from Show Post Option
Close Options page doesn’t save !
Close CREATE TABLE wp_ctimelines
Close Shop demo content
Close working with top timeline
Close Compatibility – Before and After Examples
Close Timeline getting cut off at certain width
Close Full Width Box Image – Font Size
Close Product page Circular image/zoom display issue
Close Slider with the round images
Close Change layout style to blog or portfolio
Close Link from hover over description to post
Close Show different post categories on different pages
Close how to fully display usquare in responsive view?
Close Probleme display mobile (responsive)
Close Scroll problems
Close Submenu Color
Close Font-Awesome conflict with Theme’s use of entypo
Close Trouble with scrolling on Android Tablet
Close change 3 column layout to 2
Close How to delete unused templates ?
Close Site Preview
Close one page menu
Close lightbox not working
Close Artisteer
Close Scroll function not working & pins moving around
Close Color scheme madness
Close Remove ‘dark-gray’ top bar.
Close Problems with code delete
Close Help to integrate into website
Close Video in Slider
Close iMapper not loading in second post on same page.
Close Loading Homepage
Close slider not staying inside the bounds of my site
Close Responsive menu when using anchor links
Close uSquare displays only first item
Close Making plugin edits within our wordpress theme
Close Link on Anivia Title
Close IE8 – Timeline visualization issue
Close Sudden PHP error when trying to load site
Close Edit timeline stopped working
Close parallax question
Close Slider Pin problem
Close i would like a refund please
Close Timeline not working on IE8
Close Design of Category pages
Close Front End Builder and Links Quit Working
Close Mega Menu : a bit confusing so far :)
Close IMapper not working
Close Shortcode not working on my themes footer
Close woocommerce trouble
Close insert href inside div caption of homepage banner
Close Insert Posts excerpt bug
Close You deleted my ticket 6466
Close Supporting bbPress and BuddyPress?
Close Pictures and Shop
Close Various sidebars for single posts
Close Styling The Text In the WP All Around Slider
Close Adding Slider To homepage in Genesis Child Theme
Close Title, content not ligning up
Close WordPress Logo Link – Need to modify to home page
Close Registration Page broken again
Close Problem on Portal Theme
Close change after update loses all item info
Close Hover issue in IE vs Chrome/Firefox
Close Need the PSD file for the slider Button
Close Open a Link when it clicks a pin
Close desgin of header
Close Widgetized clickable menu
Close All-Around WooCommerce not working correctly.
Close Big image at top of vertical slider
Close Product Pages are Squeezed to the left
Close Hello I’m new user.
Close Imapper Not working in Chrome/Firefox
Close Size of a main image (thumbnail) of a post
Close No dots on Timeline
Close Alert box’s bugs
Close add new from post and add new from category
Close Footer Menu
Close Background color for categories
Close Remove Image on side of Headline Box all together
Close Version Imapper
Close Issues with older versions of IE
Close Few issues
Close Gallery template page not working after update of WordPress
Close How do I get images from posts to display?
Close Display and organise only with years
Close Usquare not opening on website but on preview
Close IE9 and 8 problems with insert portfolio elements
Close Background image
Close Woocommerce Account Page
Close Content Timeline Displays Vertically and broken
Close Gallery Template Not Loading Header Logo
Close Full Width Box Image Text margins on 27" monitor
Close Custom Layout Question
Close Team Page – Template edit
Close Frontend Builder crashing server
Close Timeline to show Years only
Close SendPress & kk Star Ratings button alignment
Close Revolution Slider
Close My frontend builder appears in black
Close Featured Image / FB Sharing
Close Hilighting latest post
Close Single post full-width 66% ?
Close Changing default values
Close Content timeline only opens details in preview
Close Mobile screen fitting
Close Timeline shows but posts are vertical and not horizontal
Close Display Years Only and Category Option not Working
Close Add media files no found
Close Update All Around theme – selection tools lightbox
Close site on mobile
Close how setup email sender?
Close Installation
Close Responsive Issue
Close WordPress e-commerce with Connect Theme WP
Close Change Slide Template of a pots
Close remove date from posts
Close Add Google+ link and Sendpress bug
Close Gallery pages
Close Frontend builder doesn’t work
Close page layouts
Close website facebook
Close Gallery Not Working At All
Close Can the circles be squares
Close Different post images
Close Anivia Demo installation – News layout
Close Adding shortcode into header.php
Close Full-Width Box Shortcode Generator
Close Install of demo wiped my admin access
Close awesome new tab removal
Close Revolution Slider Error
Close Anivia Demo installation – Magazine layout
Close apsect ratio of image on upload
Close problem editing html with frontend wp editor
Close Odd behavior of content timeline on iPad
Close fatal error
Close Portal Slider Images
Close Merging JS does cause problem
Close Customer Evaluation Tab
Close Footer Twitter Target _blank
Close Woocommerce trouble
Close Change the hover color for links
Close Need the custom development on my system
Close Choose the different color style
Close Custom icons in Anivia
Close Anivia Creative -layout, how to?
Close Insert PHP in content
Close Anivia header settings not displaying
Close How to insert image in "Main Header add"
Close Will be theme updated?
Close delete social icons in header
Close On IE 8 the rollover plus icon is cut in half
Close Titles above circles not working correctly
Close portfolio window (carousel-placing?) cropping text
Close Viewing Blog Excerpt Not showing Properly
Close Enable the drop-down menus
Close Remove Months/Organize by Years
Close Plugin Error
Close Add Login In Header
Close How to re-generate all existing images?
Close Logo hight in Chrome
Close Disable (vertical?) Swipe on mobile devices
Close Modifing Template
Close latin-extended characters
Close Pages with sidebar
Close WSOD after installation
Close Position In Wrong Spot
Close Portal: Youtube videos for featured video
Close Two Vertical Scrollbars in V 1.1
Close Can’t load image
Close Cannot Import xml file – Server Time out
Close Registration Page Broken
Close maps only working if first post on blog
Close Nav Modification
Close Anivia Shop template
Close Mobile Site
Close stumbleupon
Close Grid occupies all div space
Close Remove Author info from posts and front page
Close Lightbox not behaving correctly, in Chronos
Close Export / Import options
Close Favicon in Anivia
Close Where can I find the shortcodes for buttons?
Close Demo content product page (and other pages)
Close Installing Demo
Close Translations
Close Main header: modify height and google ads
Close Styling for Title….
Close Hot Topics – News 1 Column
Close Title font changes with accents
Close Why doesn’t my Front end builder work?
Close Widgetized Menu and Next Previous Order
Close I would like to remove the footer slider.
Close Upload Author Photo
Close Demo Data ?
Close Disable horizontal scrolling on mobile?
Close Different Background colours
Close Front End Builder vs EventON
Close Twitter Followers
Close Remove Cart Icon and My Account
Close "Add Media isn’t working"
Close Web Font Not Loading
Close Questions about Anviva
Close demo content
Close Columns NOT Working Properly!
Close FULL FULL Witdh Pages
Close Edit default Navigation item menu
Close Table style
Close Duplicate content issue
Close Website Favicon
Close sticky navbar to jump to top
Close Page Title and Page Meta Tags
Close Google Analytics Code
Close Trying to configure two sliders in the same page
Close Help needed to make the site look like the demo
Close (Next post | Previous post) sequance
Close Heading – Photo Sizing
Close Problems with Pricing Table and Icons
Close Background color on open
Close Timeline loads vertically and incomplete
Close error message appearing on WP admin
Close Next and previous buttons in product lightbox
Close Plugin totally crashed
Close Timeline missing on top
Close Anivia WP Install
Close Small and compact Link List and Magazine Link List
Close Nothing is happening
Close Where are post types in the post
Close Chronos Theme – Portfolio style adjustment
Close Help with code in the Main Header Add field?
Close Add 4th bottom to home fotorama
Close Rendering Issues in IE8
Close Transfer Template to new site
Close Text being cut off
Close can not insert image from media library
Close Timeline does not display and freezes page
Close Paypal Advanced iframe Does Not Show on Checkout
Close Reviews tab & Attributes do not show
Close Main Header Ad / Google Adsense
Close Problem installing theme (ftp and wordpress)
Close Can’t use an ‘enter’ in uSquare content box
Close Sidebar not dropable
Close Frontend Builder – Delete page tempate
Close Not able to Save timeline WordPress multisite
Close Can’t figure out why all the pins are opening as 1?
Close usquare wp version 1.6.6
Close Connect theme can not save the Icon menu
Close Change Role Permissions
Close Business Layout
Close Please Issue Refund
Close Paginated pages dropping some excerpts
Close Page to look a certain way
Close Bought Wrong Version. Can we get refund?
Close uSquare add new from post function is not working
Close New circle titles are not formattable
Close Getting "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"
Close Some suggestions and some minor bugs
Close Bullet points not rendering
Close Limiting Category posts
Close Email not working
Close How to remove all the links at bottom of page
Close Adding Demo Content without Loosing Content
Close Unlimited Sidebars Not Saving
Close Not working
Close requesting response for email sent
Close Anivia theme – need a bit of help
Close Navigation system not working in iPhone 5s
Close Shortcode 3th part plugins
Close Translation failed
Close push content below/extended content does not work
Close usquare documentation
Close How to remove catetories from Anivia Post Tab
Close Displaying categories in "Insert post"-titles
Close Image will not load
Close widgetised menu anivia theme
Close Popular posts
Close Images not loading
Close Fatal Error durring installtion.
Close Pictures are too small, Double descriptions
Close All Around Slider add to categories broken
Close revolution Slider
Close woocommerce auto pages did not setup
Close Product thumbnail image is blurry
Close Blog in Mobile view missing right sidebar?
Close Frontend Builder
Close Changes for Blog
Close Content timeline
Close <!–more–> element in Frontend builder
Close var hidden hide_arrows doesn’t work on "All Around – jQuery"
Close Tabs settings?
Close Not working
Close Jquery conflict, icon sticks out of the box
Close WP Editor in Frontend builder doesn’t work
Close SendPRESS Widget buttons alignment
Close Translation
Close Cannot Select Images
Close Form fields are covered
Close Bright space under the footer
Close Anivia WP Theme- Homepage problems
Close Plugin Conflict w/ Enfold Theme and LayerSliderWP
Close Insert Post Element Display Change
Close Titles in cyrillic
Close Installation help to load demo files
Close WordPress 3.8 compatible?
Close Temporarily remove social media icons
Close Importante
Close Removing top grey bar (Zero Template)
Close Pre-sale question
Close add space under content
Close Content Timeline WP VERY SLOW loading
Close Page or Template Save
Close How to arrange the content timeline by YEARS
Close Creating a large banner
Close cant load Anything on fronted Builder
Close Frontend Builder Crashed and still dont work
Close ERROR with front end builder
Close Frontend Builder Creating a Template
Close Make inactive circles grayscale
Close main page – lack of author and comments info
Close Personalize content
Close Usquare Description
Close Usquare Fatal Error has crashed our site
Close Template Parameter and JS Parameter Mismatch
Close dropdown menu of my tags in my post
Close Shortcodes and Video URL Not Working
Close Registration page Broken/Half Loading
Close How to change Anivia from responsive to fixed
Close More Info button too far from description text
Close I need to show the titles under the small circles
Close Item # limitation in Timeline (WP)?
Close Pagination Page 2 opens at bottom instead of top
Close Updating Anivia theme
Close Setting the image size in posts
Close anivia update
Close Nothing is Happening
Close Text Wrapper Max Height
Close All Around Slider Gap
Close Author Box post settings clashing
Close It is not adapted
Close uSquare: Cannot insert image from URL
Close Contact us page map
Close frontend builder, multisite
Close unable to set log to required size
Close Adsense code not working in Add Spaces on posts
Close jQuery selector for post images
Close drag drop not working
Close link on click
Close Issue After Changing Width of uSquare
Close Link to other page and Theme integration
Close relative to ticket #4243
Close responsive layout function
Close Decrease Blog Excerpt Length
Close Big Stars on Anivia
Close Fail with WordPress SEO by Yoast
Close Product page
Close Grey backgr, browser differetnt, Fix vs Response
Close Contact Page
Close Documentation
Close How update your product ?
Close Hoping there is a public function…
Close Frontend Builder breaking site
Close How to justify the content
Close Can’t add any items to my new timeline?
Close xSquare Menu and xSquare Post Tabs Issues
Close Usquare not working responsivly
Close Anivia front End Builder Bugged
Close Responsive Menu
Close Two of my 12 squares do not show on the page
Close Scrolling & Rows
Close Drag and Drop of Elements Does Not Work
Close Need the Colour Code
Close Timeline and cards in 2 different containers
Close Nothing appearing
Close Issue with uSquare – wordpress
Close Export Broken?
Close Multiple pins on a map
Close Big circle custom link using PrettyPhoto
Close latest post from categories
Close Image Quality
Close Rev slider error when creating a new page
Close How to just display years as categories.
Close I update to 1.4 and I lose the old site!!!
Close need to change the language from english to Bangla
Close fatal error
Close I update to 1.4 and I lose the old site!!!
Close Timeline not working! Blank Page
Close Editing Homepage
Close Insert a shortcode of a slide show
Close Child Theme Support
Close Revolution Slider
Close Center images in slider
Close Align images center
Close Media Uploader problem
Close Align images center
Close Plug-in messing up template spacing & Gif Support
Close Convert Connect Template to WordPress
Close Starting from left rather than middle
Close Add file upload field features to Frontend Builder
Close Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size
Close Any fix when we copy the WP
Close Adding Font to usquare
Close Using Imapper Jquery for Joomla
Close Images not loading in timeline
Close Don’t show the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
Close Javascript Error: Line: 766 “not a function”
Close content timeline
Close Images are not Loading
Close Failed plug-in installation
Close popup gone fast…
Close Sidebar configuration on all posts
Close Revolution Slider
Close Extended cyrillic and latin google fonts
Close NOT 100% compatible with ThirstyAffiliate
Close Front end Builder Update Notice
Close My install
Close After the new update…
Close Transfer page/layout
Close problem with Frontend Builder
Close Can’t translate a pharse
Close commenters name changed to blog name
Close Objects from the Theme not Loading
Close Editing Individual Instances of uSquare
Close Frontend Builder losing formatting when not \
Close Frontend Builder
Close Installing Plugin: Front-End Builder
Close Order reseived template in check out page
Close Tabs anchor
Close Usquare
Close Javascript blocking
Close main page and blog page small changes
Close Comments – names of commenters are changed
Close Settings up colors and stars on the theme
Close Hiding images in Item Window ?
Close Not loading
Close Social Links in header
Close Error on line 785
Close Timeline on the top
Close body with 3 columns layout with defined sizes
Close Always 4 thumbnails on product page
Close Front End Builder not working
Close Timeline WP update
Close Container Width
Close Next and Previous button Lightbox product page
Close white labelling
Close Unable to edit existing Usquare items
Close Give timeline permissions to editors
Close Jquery error
Close Need to implement Image Mapper into Portfolio Page
Close Images are not displaying
Close How to change language in Content Timeline
Close HTML parsing bug when inserting [shorttag]
Close about anivia theme
Close Lightbox and content expander issues…
Close Draft Stories Showing Up
Close Featured Image
Close iMapper – jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 Image Mapper
Close escape slashes showing up
Close Target the current Item with CSS or JS
Close Translating Anivia Template – default.po
Close No Dates shown on Timeline
Close Not working in IE 10
Close Timeline Images not showing
Close Conflicts with MassivePixel Flip Book plugin
Close Some bugs I’ve noticed
Close Icons do not save, nor does analytics code
Close Connect Theme: Icons not working and Index
Close can’t add a new timeline
Close Anivia Theme Purchase
Close Problem with the timeline
Close Need more tutorial info
Close Error message by activate
Close Make entire hover box clickable hyperlink
Close Displaying Slider Name in Template
Close Anivia – News, Magazine, Blog WordPress Template
Close Display Issues
Close Twitter API
Close All-Around Footer Display Issue
Close Problem with PINS
Close lightbox effect not working
Close Chronos – One page responsive template
Close Timeline start from item
Close Timeline ‘lightbox’ effect not working
Close Hide Zoom button
Close Anivia theme responsivness and sidebar
Close Display In IE9
Close Theme installation.
Close Internet Explorer Issue
Close Installation Plugin Problem /Format Coding Issue
Close Front End Builder: Bug WordPress Multi Network
Close Slider won’t work on Windows Phone
Close Sample theme for frontend builder
Close how change the layout of centent in intem
Close Display of years instead of months
Close The Shop Page does not come out as it should
Close Size of icon too small, cannot change it
Close Adjust spacing between Square rows!
Close Change the product cirlce’s color
Close help with installing
Close all background images disappear
Close Item Options for Map Pin
Close Conflict with u-design Theme
Close change image when active circle
Close November timeline error
Close Helpme!!!!
Close Removing Comment area on Home Page
Close Timeline width
Close Conflict with Circles Theme
Close Overlapping of circle thumbs
Close Show latest post from categories (dynamic content)
Close Adding class of post to timeline dots
Close Finding the proper image size
Close november time line
Close Can’t activate plugin – but no error message
Close change photo (?)
Close [iMapper WP] item box disappears too fast in IE
Close Icon menu dont save
Close Adding class current to timeline
Close Crash after install
Close Crash site after installation
Close Upgrade and Image Alt Attributes
Close Link in content
Close Missing fonts and stylesheet.css
Close Frontend editor won\’t install – multiple errors
Close Completely Crashed Site with WP3.7 Multisite
Close Pin not displayed correctly
Close Header Menu bar
Close Chrome Apple
Close Timeine links to actual post/page & more
Close Timeline images not displaying
Close Timeline start from today
Close Use 3rd party Shortcodes in FE Builder?
Close Footer, client scroller?
Close Timeline Destroy isnt working
Close Multiple Instance of timeline on same page
Close Photo won’t show up
Close Can’t send email from uSquare profile
Close Display bug
Close Animation of Shortcodes Failed, must reload the page
Close problem with thumb nail particular slide page
Close Plugin could not be activated because fatal error
Close Height and background color
Close jquery-Problem with imapper plugin
Close Usquare isn’t working on webpage
Close Icons menu not displaying on front end
Close Featured Image does not change on variation select
Close All-around slider – Responsive issue
Close Connect Full of Bugs
Close it just get static
Close Bought jQuery – need WP version
Close Products radius
Close Usquare won’t let me update to newest version
Close 3 columns switched to 2 + changes won’t save
Close Only displays shortcode not the slider itself
Close uSquare Not scrolling up when clicked
Close Error on Multisite
Close Text Color-Homepage-Box Image w/Parallax effect
Close Front end of usqare wp version is broken
Close FB WP breaks WordPress SEO by Yoast
Close Frontend Builder Lost Page!
Close translation
Close Can’t create slider after install
Close Love everything, but…
Close 3 item width
Close Frontend Builder is crashing the entire site
Close Delete support forum entry
Close Upgraded Usquare and it won’t work
Close Click on Center image just like plus sign
Close I can’t activate Fbuilder.
Close Sidebar installation
Close click on image goto url instead of prev/next item
Close fonts and files
Close SideBar Slider
Close Super Slow Site Since All Around WP Slider
Close Sizes
Close Need the document infomation of FB;s source code?
Close Revolution Slider
Close Edit header in responsive theme
Close Portfolio
Close Upload photo_ Ecra Black
Close iMapper on Mobile
Close Changes in imapper
Close Slider on Home Page
Close Lightbox Not Working after upgrade to WP 3.6
Close Usquare Universal Response grid for WordPress
Close DEMO Content
Close is it possible to add BC dates?
Close Customization
Close Upgrading plugin
Close Pins do not show correctly on the iPad (Again)
Close Thinking about buying but…
Close New items + Upgrade pluging
Close Connect theme the speed of my site is so slow
Close Dark Theme – Year on Timeline
Close Link instead of Pretty Photo
Close MultiSite Error and Warning
Close Social Buttons under images
Close Timeline – close and expand not working
Close Add content timeline to blog page
Close \’Connect Options\’ don\’t save
Close iMapper WP mobile
Close Title, Month, and Date for Category Posts
Close Incompatibility with BLOQ theme?
Close Image on Hover
Close Timeline ‘GoTo’
Close After migration content is not showing
Close go to circle by id
Close How to customize categories and numberOfSegments
Close No message boxes
Close Front end of usqare is broken
Close Frontend Builder stopped working
Close I Can not see add row when my fronted is active
Close Timeline – Scroll 1 by 1
Close Logo Too High
Close Demo Homepage Template
Close usquare pomoć
Close Menus and errors on installing demo content
Close Timeline Problem
Close Make fbuilder the default editor
Close Cannot add pins to iMapper
Close Imapper not work on my theme
Close Grayscale not working
Close Not able to upload image
Close Twitter not working
Close change role
Close mapped pics in portfolio page
Close Usquare only works in preview
Close I cant create more items
Close problem with Usquare plugin!
Close Images not displaying
Close Content to appear in fixed position
Close [iMapper WordPress] images no longer centered
Close woocommerce problem with rtl
Close Issue with your plugin and my Theme
Close Format content in text box
Close Plugin crashes and cannot be activated
Close How update uSquare?
Close Frontend Builder not loading correctly.
Close Lightbox Not Working
Close installation
Close Plugin Updates
Close Sidebar is not positioned properly
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