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cbetsworth Client

Hello Team,

I have a few issues with the Connect template I purchased from themeforest.net tonight. I’ve almost got it setup just like the demo but have a few things I need ironed out.

1) The menu icons do not show up. The text animation does but the individual icons do not. I have verified the GD library is installed and tried the clear all and created another one but still no luck.

2) The blog post scroll images I need assistance just figuring out how that works. The documentation is a little vague. After importing the demo xml data no images show up to scroll as shown in the demo. I also want to know how to setup the Popular/Latest/Comments section as shown in the demo.

3) The slider is freaking sweet! Not an issue but wanted to give you guys props.

If you want to access my site edit your host record because it is a test installation.

Add these to host file c2ithostingsolutions.com http://www.c2ithostingsolutions.com





Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.


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cbetsworth Client

Has anyone had a chance to look at this one yet? Trying to get this up and running correctly with demo content before moving forward. Thanks.


Shindiri Support team Administrator


For your second question, you set the image slider by inserting images into the "Blog post gallery" section underneath the post content area. You can find images by searching the library for the image names. As for the other part of the question, you do that with the "Connect post tabs" widget.

We need to look more into the first question though.

Kind regards,


cbetsworth Client

Have you had a chance to review the first issue? We still have no icons showing up on our demo site. Can you please research this issue and get back to us as soon as possible? We are looking to start production development on this server in Novemeber and I need to get my staff moving on it. I appreciate your time. Thanks.



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