A Few little css bugs maybe?

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duffywinston Client

Few little css bugs maybe? If you visit the site I’m working on here you will see a few things:

1) When you hover over an image, it has grey BG behind the arrow.
2) Why are the tool-tips random lengths away from the icons? Some are right on them, others are 80px away.
3) How can I make the content area larger of the tool tip?

Thanks in advance.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


1. You have predefined background-color attribute for all the elements, set to white. If you remove this option, the arrows will have transparent background, located probably in "enfold.css" of your theme.

2. We will need your WP login info to fix this. You can send it to support@shindiristudio.com

3. There are options called "Item width" and "Item height" in the Wordpress settings of Image Mapper.

Kind regards,


duffywinston Client

Just sent you an email with username/password.

Thank you!

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