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jacoblewis Client

1) Is there a better way to embed video on this site? The YouTube embed is not ideal. It crops the video to an odd aspect ratio, it adds a grey overlay to the video, and it removes all playback controls (volume, play, pause, etc.)

2) Is it possible to embed video through the image gallery instead? This would be the most elegant way to playback videos, if we could somehow use Vimeo player inside the template gallery instead of photos (similar to ID# 22917 question)

3) Why does the Featured image appear at the top of this page and not the other Post pages: http://www.shindiristudio.com/onionwp/blog/2015/06/18/glyph-blog-template-with-a-focus-on-typography… Sometimes the featured image only appears at the top once you’ve adjusted the size of the page. Here’s another example: http://www.shindiristudio.com/onionwp/blog/2015/04/15/lees-verder-der-correspondent/

I prefer the look of having the Featured image at the top. Is there a way to make that happen on every page?

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