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biana Client

Hello, i want to ask if its possible to choose latest post category.

I put this code ‘cat’ => 2, in  hotmag_latest_post.php and it get the latest post from category with id=2, but i need to duplicate latest post widget and need to connect it with another category.

For example blog.pic.bg

On the right side (категории) is ok, but under it (Как да изберем?) i use other wp widget but i want to duplicate hotmag latest post but with other category.

Sorry about my english but i have to finish the site tomorrow.

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

Hi Biana,

We had to hear out your request, and had our developers take a look.

We came out with a solution for you,


Install this plug-in, that we have created specially for you, it will enable you the function you requested.

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