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beneppard Client

I’ve altered all_around_wp_class.php on line 318 to:

$content = $post->post_excerpt;

It didn’t make sense for our lengthy posts to display in the slider, so I’m displaying the excerpt. The challenge now is that I need to make sure users click through to the blog page. The Big Circle image is already a link to the article.

I’d like to make the Post Title link, and add a Read More link below the excerpt.


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beneppard Client


By adding the following line:

$buffer.=' <p><strong><a href="' . $permalink . '">Read Full Post</a></strong>'."\n";

Below line 154 of mvc_custom.php I was able to a line of test to the Post Slider that says "Read Full Post."

The permalink variable isn't working, however. I'm still trying to figure out how to call the appropriate link for the slide.
beneppard Client

It's been slow going, but I finally figured out the syntax for adding the Read Full Post link.

I added the following on line 154 of mvc_custom.php:

$buffer.=' <p><strong><a href="' . $this->model->loaded_items[$aid]['custom_link']['value'] . '">Read Full Post</a></strong>'."\n";

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we are glad you managed to solve this since we are not working weekends and seems like you were in hurry.

is there anything else you need assistance with at the moment ?

Best regards,
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beneppard Client

I think I got it. Thanks!

I tried to post updates for those that may review support threads like me.


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