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acmenah Client

I have recently bought the edge template. I’m building a site and I would like to know if it is possible to do some adjustments on it and if you could help me with them.

1. Portfolio to look like that: I want to accomplish 2 things here: 

A)hover color it’s different for each box:At the moment, what I did was to create a child template for the edge. On that child I have style.css and functions.php files. In functions.php I copy the father function ‘edgewp_ajaxload_send_portfolio’ and try  to modify the line where the div is created, to add a number at the class attribute  ($out .= ‘<div class=”edgewp_hover_over”>….) that way I can reference to this class on the CSS. But for now the function it’s not working.
B)Hover effect of a little zoom in (no idea how to do that)

2.Contact us menu item like “preorder now” button on that page: For that purpose I try modifying CSS, but I could not make it work.

3. Buttons without separation between them. I tried to replicate the section ‘read our minds’ on page by adding 4 buttons one after the other, I removed every padding but they still have a small line that separate them.

4. Animation. I would like to add an animation like the one on: to the top of my page.

I wanted to ask if I’m doing good by creating the child template or I should just edit the css in to the Edge options at WordPress admin?

Best regards


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Shindiri Support team Administrator



Sorry for the inconvenience but this requires too much customization and requires so much time. We are currently overwhelmed and we cannot help you do this adjustments at the moment but if you have issues with our themes or plugins which slightly malfunction we are here.



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acmenah Client

I need help to at least point 1 and 2 to proceed with my site.
I'm giving you my approach for point 1A. I just need you to guide me on that. and for the rest 1b and 2, I hope you can make some time for it.
Also I wanted to know if I’m doing good by creating the child template (because I can't make my functions.php work) or I should just edit the css in to the Edge options and add Code items in to my page?
Thank you!

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