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lul Client

Hi there,
I’ve tested this with several Nokia Lumia Phones (820, 920) and it when you’re viewing the “extra-small (XS)” site (Alfa HTML  Template)  things aren’t floating down or w/e for the team members. Everything just shows up as a blank, sometimes you see the first or second person but that’s it. Does this on your demo site as well. Any suggestions to fix, we were ready to launch this site until we discovered the problem. 
Mike B.


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lul Client

It seems to be an IE issue... when testing on Desktop, sometimes people show sometimes they don't... 

Shindiri Support team Administrator


Inside index.html, find these divs:

<div class="member wow fadeInUp animated a">
<div class="member wow fadeInUp animated b">
<div class="member wow fadeInUp animated c">

Remove the classes a, b,c, the divs should look like this now:

<div class="member wow fadeInUp animated">
<div class="member wow fadeInUp animated">
<div class="member wow fadeInUp animated">

This will fix Your issue.
Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |


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