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beyond2123 Client
I’m working on
I can’t get the menu bar to center correctly, it centers but its still off a little bit. Probably because I’ve taken out some of the sections.  Have any ideas on how to remedy that?
the iframe player is aligning to the right side of the page and I can’t seem to get it to move.
I saw in another ticket you suggested to use the frontend builder but when I try to use it says its not wordpress.
I’ve exhausted all resources so I’m submitting a ticket.


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beyond2123 Client

Could I please have some help on my alignment issues?

beyond2123 Client
You have answered everyone elses tickets but mine and its been a month.

Did I do something wrong?

I really need to get this fixed
Shindiri Support team Administrator


we been informed you contacted us via email to. The explanation for delays team provided there is correct. We are not providing support for Sierra HTML Theme for a long time as stated on Theme Forest page. That is the reason team didn't check this request. Also we confirm about the Frontend builder  plugin, Its WordPress plugin unusable in this case.

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