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mahi2net Client

I have integrated this slider in to bootstrap template with in a panel. But when I go to responsive mobile view , slider containers are setting pixel width, example, If the screen size is 320 px, slider width is automatically setting as  310px. But it is not good,because I am using this slider in to panel container and its width is around 270px.
So I need to make slider width as 100% while responsive view, So slider will fit in to the container .

 Where should I change this width ?


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


First of all we want you to take a look at our documentation where all is explained in plain detail.

Look for those information:

And responsive_by_available_space
0 will do responsive by browser window, 1 will do responsive by available space around the slider (parent div, container div).
If width of the slider is too large, set value to 10 for example, and width of the slider will be 10px smaller.

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