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Is it possible to use Anchor links to jump to different sections within the Accordion shortcode element.  It doesn’t seem to work.  I add a link target “gohere” then build add a link using this format

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Also, using the same accordion shortcode, is possible to make all the items open downward?  It seems that some do and some don't.  If it a long section the visitor has to scroll up to the top of the content.

The site is and page that illustrates this action:

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sorry for late reply. About accordion anchor links jumping to section answer is yes. Process you did should work so if it still doesn't work please send us your wp login info via  so we can see the problem firsthand. About opening sections downward answer is sorry but no you cant use some setting to make em all open same direction in every situation. That would need custom coding since plugin does not have that functionality.

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