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Im interested in purchasing the above template, as I’m not a IT guy I have a few basic questions

1- can a not tech person instal the template?

2 – do I need a wordpress account?

3 – can I start with a free hosting or do I need to buy a hosting to set up the site?

4 – any extra info would be apreciated

5 – Can I import info from another blog ? (squarespace)







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Shindiri Support team Administrator


1. Yes. Also, if you get stuck, we can assist you.
2. No.
3. You can use free hosting, but it must support Wordpress.
4. You can ask us anything that intersts you about our products or ask for help with using them. We'll be glad to help you :)
5. We haven't really tried, but Squarespace has an option for exporting to Wordpress, and it should work.

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