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nhuribashir Client

Good day,


I recently purchased the Anivia Theme and it advises that the theme comes with set up support. I would like to set it up correct the first time and would like your assistance. Please advise how i go about this.





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Shindiri Support team Administrator


You'll need to send us your purchase code, WP login info and optionally phpmyadmin login info (if you want demo content) to , so we could install the theme for you.

Kind regards,

nhuribashir Client

where do I find the purchase code?


nhuribashir Client

I have the themeforest receipt

nhuribashir Client
10 Nov 13 Purchase Anivia - News, Magazine, Blog Wordpress Template 5906968 $-45.00
nhuribashir Client

I don't have phpmyadmin either.

Shindiri Support team Administrator

Resolved in private.

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