Applying KLax to wordpress theme.

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jjgoody Client
It’s a kind of same ticket I’ve already addressed down below.
To make sure you don’t miss this one, I am posting it again.
I do really need your feedback. Br0
If K-Lax can’t be used for wordpress theme, just let me know s

o that I can deal with that.
I actually tried with other themes, but always came across the same problem.
If you can solve this, I am sure Klax will get you more buyers. Please do help



I’ve been really trying hard to sort this problem but failed till now.I’ve just embedded Klax in my existing theme, and it worked in the main, but after clicking “read more”
the things in the heading part are all disrupted. I captured it. Please have a look. want to use this one desparately but Im just stuck in this.
Please let me know how I can embed this on the existing theme.Thanks


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Regarding the two links

the first one works fine, but the second one shows how it is disrupted.

Please do help me

6 days ago


Hi, Can you give us a link to the page where the Klax is located so we can see the error firsthand? It’s possible that there is some CSS conflict, but we can’t tell for sure, because Klax wasn’t meant to be used on WordPress sites. Kind regards,
5 days ago


Good, go to

I just made this simple site which basically use the same themes for my site.
But since it does’nt have posts, it shows lots of Notice. You can simply ignore them.
Please focus on the Klax.

Just try to click ‘Read More’ in Klax. Then you will know what I mean by saying it is disrupted.

Thanks in advance.

By the way, if it can’t be used for this, Klax means nothing for me.
Please do help


5 days ago


Hi, For the beginning, there are two jQuery versions included on your page and two versions of jQuery-ui. You’ll need to take care of that, before any error can be debugged. Remove the unnecessary includes and check if the errors persist. Kind regards,Br04 days ago


Yes, I got rid of the redundant jquery and the problem is still there.
Please help on this.
I have told to my boss I was going to add this until last week.
Well… I badly need your help
4 days ago


Please, admin. Help me with this.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator



Klax is a jQuery plugin - it isn't supposed to be used on Wordpress site, but it can be if you include all the files and initialize the plugin manually. We inspected the problem on your site, and there are a lot of CSS issues. Did you modified Klax's CSS files? Some of the properties necessary for the correct functioning of the plugin are missing, hence the errors with Klax header.


P.S. We'll close your older ticket.

Kind regards,


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