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morzar Client
My client wants to display item that have approximate years.
For example: ~1870
I need to add the tilde (~) in front of the year. How can I achieve that?
( I dont care about the placement of the dot in the timeline, I just need the tilde)


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


we think best solution here would be to use Title of the card to show approximate year as there you can just type the ~1870 and in the card setting check the hide date option. Then you will use title to show date you want. This is best solution as it will not require customizing the code of the plugin. And we think that customization would be quite big as date field is used to calculate positions and chronological arrangement of the items. So that need to be taken in consideration, not just the html it prints in the frontend.  Keep in mind we are not providing customization support but we will do our best to provide you with possible workaround to match your needs.

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