Big problems installing the demo

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Good day,
after installing the full demo (boxed) with the automated procedure I get a lot of errors:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /web/htdocs/ on line 438

Warning: require(/home/shindiristudio/…;: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /web/htdocs/ on line 308

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/home/shindiristudio/‘ (include_path=’.:/php5.5/lib/php’) in /web/htdocs/ on line 308

Downloading the files from
and uploading the files to the upload folder and importing the sql file, I get an empty home page with the “Page not found” error… The navbar is empty

I’ve tried to disable all plug-ins but nothing changed…

Strange things: some tables in the sql db are named wpok_etc, others are just wp_etc

Any hint? Thanks in advance…


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salchemy Client

A little step ahead: disabling the Frontend Editor plug-in make the demo works, but the images are gone...

salchemy Client

Other info: looks like two pages in the WooCommerce template are outdated (snapshopWP/woocommerce/content-product.php and snapshopWP/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php)... I don't know if this can help...

salchemy Client

Ok, the Frontend Builder plug-in seems to be the problem... Disabling the Plug-in, the template starts to work...

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Great! if you have any more issue feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
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