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I posted a ticket many weeks ago and although you have marked it as “Solved” nobody has contacted me or answered me anything regarding my issue. Please, I need your support to finish my website. Below is the ticket I submited. Thanks.

Is there anything I shoud know to make ZeroTheme (HTML versión) Blog work? When I try to edit this part of the template it seems it has been only designed, but not programmed to work as a blog. “Comment forms” doesn’t seem to work and it looks as if I should manually add all comments instead of being automatically published when somebody interacts with any post. The same happens with the icons (Facebook, pinterest, twitter): they have been designed but they doesn’t work.

Also tags doesn’t work or even the links to monthly archives. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems all this stuff has only been designed but not programmed to work.

I have red documentation but the only information included there is I must add the appropriate link to match posts but adding links will not be enough to make the whole blog work.

Thanks for your help.

Kindest regards,



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Shindiri Support team Administrator

Hi Marta,

As you know, your are using an HTML version of the theme, so everything that you need to do is to put the links of respective social networks to link the icons to them.

You need to code everything, because that is the HTML version, everything is manual this is why its a native template.

Could you be more specific on your requests and make a bullet list of everything that you wanted to do but couldn't or didn't know so we can try to be more of service to You?

Best regards,
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