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orenganon Client

I tried to install the demo content using the “Onion option” >> “Demo import” and clicked ok “Import data” ( onion-demo4 )
Waiting for 30 min but it still lowding. I tried to do that few times but nothing happens.
Please advice, 
Thank you


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


If you did experience any problem via the “default” installation of Demo installation for Onion, which are related via the Import function for WordPress, you are most definitely having server issues for importing big pictures and are facing a timeout error, which is resulting in a failing installation.

This is why we have prepared an “advanced” installation guide for you, to be able to help you get through the process of installing the Demo content for Onion.

You first need to download one of the Demo files for Onion which you want to install:

After the successful download you need to follow these instructions:

1.       Verify that you are running a clean and latest installation of WordPress (4.3)

2.       You have installed Onion template (Version 1.2 or higher )

3.       You have installed all the plugins: Onion Visual Composer Shortcodes, Revolution Slider and WPBakery Visual Composer

4.       Extract archive and copy that content into your wp-content/uploads folder (Make sure you don't have two "uploads" folders, one inside another)

5.       Drop all tables from your database except wp_options, wp_users and wp_usermeta and import onion-demo(#).sql file into your database. The # represents the version which you have chosen.

6.       Upload file searchreplacedb2.php into your root folder (where is wp-config.php) and from your browser type: http://(

7.       Go through the steps until step 4 "What to replace?" and replace "http://onion" with "http://(" (Don't write "" signs!)

8.       Remove searchreplacedb2.php file

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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