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nebojsapetkovic Client

I can find only Google fonts, but i am using font other than google fonts… i need to include somehow another font.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


easiest and fastest way is to do it through custom css.  There are classes available for you to do it like:
#usquare_1 .usquare_module_wrapper h2 {font-family:desired font !important;}
This code will change your default font of the title in plugin considering you already loaded your desired font in your project.

Same process can be used for content part using:
.usquare_block_extended .usquare_about class

There is option to change core plugin files which we cant recommend unless you are confident you are skilled in coding enough to do it.

Also if you are not sure you can do it alone you can send us wp login info via email and we will be glad to do it for you. Please include your ticket id in this case.

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