Can't update Yoast Premium and WP Bakery Builder

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tatafunk Client

I have two errors when I tried to update both plugins:

WPBakery Page Builder
Update Failed: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Yoast SEO Premium
Update Failed: Download failed. cURL error 51:

I’m also contacting plugins support but If you have any suggestion or solution would be great!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


we can't be sure of the solution just by checking this error logs but we can offer few possible solutions. This behavior among other reason can be caused by using child theme in the moment of updating. So if you use child theme try to switch to parent theme for the time needed to update plugins. Also if you are in hurry and you have necessary files you can do it via FTP. That is a bypass of the issue but it works.

Please inform us if plugin support were able to help or if any of this solutions solved it.
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Shindiri Studio |

Shindiri Support team Administrator


is there are any update on this issue?  We haven't heard from you in some time.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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