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pangeareps Client

I am building a timeline for a client and want to have 6 seperate categories.
I’m on my 2nd category but the categories seem to be bunching up on the top 
I would like the 5 categories on the top and the dates below the line (is that possible)?
Here is the link:
thanks so much.
Stu Sternbach


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pangeareps Client

Additional inquiry:
1. Do i have to have the Read more show up on each frame? can i turn it off on some of the posts?
2. What is the best way to insert a video inside the timeline (inside panel)? 
3. Can I insert a picture (thumbnail) in the body of the copy and have that link to a video? 
4. Can I have more then one video inside the body copy of the open panel?

thanks so much


Shindiri Support team Administrator

There is a common issue with categories pilling up on each other. Fix will be available in our next update.

As for other questions:

1. With # you can disable read more for each item

2. There isn't still an option for video uploads. That kind of feature is in our plans for future updates.

3. Still not posible.

4. Reffer to second answer.
Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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