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nsy Client

Hi, I am recently purchase this plugin, and I think this plugin is awesome for my

I am wondering if it is possible to change the horizontal timeline into dropdown menu options? Cause I think the swipe effect is not functioning well on all browser, I tested it by using android’s default browser, not all of it can swipe.

I really really need to make this work, please reply me asap. You can refer the link:

As you can see from the example, I can’t really used timeline for this case, it’s actually only needed to show 5 categories. Is that any chance I could make it like ordinary menu, and collapse at small screen devices? Or maybe you can just give some advises on modify your plugin.

I tried to modified it into something like this plugin:,  the content will response to menu accordingly. But I can’t seem to make it work on your timeline plugin.

I am interested in purchase this plugin for multiple projects, if this problem could be solved, It really help me a lots. Thanks.


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nsy Client

I wanted it be changed into dropdown menu for a good reason. I have some projects require few years event to be shown, some of them can reach 8 years.

I mean it can be really annoying if client needs to click on the arrow for mulitple times to see all the events, right? if he just need to see certain year's event, he can just directly choose it from dropdown menu, simple and easy.

I appreciate your concentration. Thanks.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


We can always assist you with malfunctioning of the plug-in or installation process. We understand your concern and would love to be able to help, but we get such request all the time, and we do not have the manpower for it right now.

Regarding the requests that you made,
we in Shindiri Studio are not able to meet your demands in terms
of modifying the plugin and adding additional functionality.
We are overbooked at this point and cannot accept any more work
because we do not want to break deadlines and seem unprofessional.
We recommend that you contact / hire someone from
and work with that person closely to get exactly what you want.
We have a lot customers that have used this service and they were
more then satisfied with the results.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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