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sinkadus Client

Hi, I’d like to change the hexagon form to a round one for my team members. Can you help with that? If it not possible to change how the image is “cut”, maybe you can supply custom css to disable the hexagon effect, so I can upload round images as transparent png.


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sinkadus Client

....also, they don't seem to adjust well for screensizes around 1000px width:
Maybe you can do something about that too?

Shindiri Support team Administrator


The customization that you want require to much time its not so easy as to only disable some css code or add other code to get what you want. The whole section of the theme must be rewritten as the hexagons were made with 3 divs who cut one another to get the hexagon view. So unfortunately there is no way we can do this for you right now, we suggest you to seek help from

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sinkadus Client

Okay, my solution: change the sierra team function and use only visual composer. Shame that your team template was so mediocre.

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