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I am using this theme since november 2014 but some weeks ago I realised that I had to to update some plugins like Redsys plugin for credit card payment , and woocommerce plugin.
Since I updated my website is broken and when I add to cart some product and then clic on view cart and checkout button an error 500 appears and I cannot see my website.

HP Fatal error:  Call to a member function add_to_cart_url() on a non-object 

Whats going wrong?
I need to have my website Ok as soon as possible in order to update and publish new product and sell them online.
Could you please help me?
My website is
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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Your issue has been resolved over mail.
We have requested information from You in order to help with Your issue, could You be so kind and let us know if You have resolved the issue or is it still open.

If we do not hear from You in a weeks time period we will consider this ticket resolved.

Thank You,

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