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harddrive Client

I’m getting a 404 because I don’t have the checkout page (I used one-click demo). I must have deleted the file or something I guess. Is there a way to create the checkout page manually? Or a place where I can redownload it again? 
Alternatively, what’s the easiest way to backup my product data and my front page, so that I can reinstall wordpress again (if needed). 

Also wondering if there is a way for me to link to puchase an item for example 
Just linking to this will add to cart, but without any animation (for that you need to use a specific object). 


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harddrive Client

Also, on the main page (where there's usually a large image) I've noticed that on some there is only one column, and on some two or more. How can I change the amount of columns the main image has?

harddrive Client

I figured out the first part, I had to include the same classes  that the other object used in some code .. the restore pages thing is fixed since I found them in the "deleted" folder (they are prepared for stupid people like me),.. 

So still need help with the main image columns, and if possible I need to find out where I can change the "cart" icon and the text "Your item has been added to cart. Go to checkout!" when you click on items. Or changing the text that comes up when you click on an empty cart (want to remove the link to the shop there).
I will probably answer some of these on my own, but I'm checking this thread frequently and posting to it as soon as I find the answers! I need basic functionality on the site asap, and these are all important to me.

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1.) You can change amount of columns using Frontend Builder. You need to add a new row and then chose number of columns. When you create row you need just to move it on place where you want (Drag & Drop).

2.) If you want to change text you need to contact Woo Commerce support for help.


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harddrive Client

Right, I know about the columns and using Frontend Builder. The problem is that the image takes one whole "row" that is a whole column, you can't drop adittional columns onto the image for content (or you can, but it's too hard too find how). In some demo pages the text on the image is in two columns, in some it's centered in one column.
I figured out how to fix nr 2 through  I understand that it is outside your template. 

harddrive Client

Right, I got it now, the image can be selected as a background for the columns.. it's easy now that I know it, but for some users like me this is a bit confusing. It's also confusing for example that you have to click "sumbit a ticket" to be able to log in the site and view your already submitted tickets. It feels counter intuitive.

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