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warcko Client

I had some problems deploying multiple images on a single page. to solve this I had to separate each image, iframes, but this throws me errors that randomly moves pictures and points to the right. Can I get help to solve this?

my developing page is:



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We are not quite sure what problem you are referring to. If you have turned off plugin, please turn it on, so we can see what errors are occurring. Would be nice if you could also send us a screenshot of a problem you are experiencing on, that would help.


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warcko Client

the error with image places is resolved, thank you very much. but i still
have one issue with pins. if you can notice in the live version, in some
cases, pins is not in the right places. all instances have the same code:

data-left=3D"74.758726973802503%" data-top=3D"79.45694305341871%", but in one or more cases pins shows in wrong place. can you help me with this last thing?

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ps: i tried to sent you some screenshots but i received an email with some
error notification hahaha, you can test this issue with the live version.
Shindiri Support team Administrator



We have sent you mail with instructions.


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