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skunkiexxl Client


Both the general options and Icon Menu don\’t save settings.

For example I can\’t change the footer text and the Icon Menu doesn\’t seem to do anything at all. >> I get a notification it worked (while it didn\’t) in the general options menu, while in the Icon Menu I don\’t get anything.

And after leaving the page all settings have been erased.


p.s. tried to use the .XML file as a starter… but that didn\’t work out either… :-(








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skunkiexxl Client

Ah I found it >> by pressing clear all i resets the whole thing and now I can add an icon menu too.

Nevertheless the other problem still remains + I've got a new one now >> how do I put the icon menu beneath the slider on the homepage?

Shindiri Support team Administrator


We're currently working on an update for Connect that will fix all of the bugs that exist (or at least, all the ones we've managed to spot), and it's in the final stages of development, but it's not quite done yet. If you're in a hurry, we can send you the most current version that has most of the major bugs fixed, with only a couple of small ones remaining. Do note that in this case we can't provide a working .xml file though, since we're gonna need to create a new one after the update is finalized.

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