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Lotune Client

First, the icons don’t save. I edit them on the admin panel and they disappear. The site is not live so there’s no wp login information for you to have to check it out. I’ve had this problem since I bought the software.

Is there no way to modify the index page of WordPress so that coming to the homepage of the site goes to a landing page? (A page with the slider and excerpts etc).
Is there an update for WordPress 3.7?


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Lotune Client

I wanted to add that the Slider plugin doenst allow me save a custom name for the timelines I create. Nothing happens when I type in a name.

Lotune Client

The color editing panel is malfunctioning. When click to change the color of an element, theres supposed to be a pop-up color wheel. Its not popping up, but putting scroll bar on the right side of the panel so that only part of the color wheel is showing. Id attach an image but this editor doesnt allow it.

Lotune Client


No matter what icon I pick for the path, after I insert it onto the page it it shows icon="1". It's impossible to know what path corresponds to what image and the feature won't import the correct one.

Lotune Client

The entire theme seems very broken at this point. The colors on the "Read More ..." links won't change when the colors in the editor are adjusted. There's a slew of issues with this theme right now. Unless there's some major update I've missed, it's fairly unusable in this state.

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Connect is undergoing update,and it should hopefully come out pretty soon. Most of the problems we encountered are fixed. You can send us an e-mail to, so we could send you the current version, before the official update.

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