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vpointusa Client

I have a slider ready to go, but the content of each slider will ONLY show up if it is in the FIRST slide position. No matter which slide I put in the first spot, that content will show correctly. ALL OTHER SLIDES will have the photo show up and will move fine, but no content below.

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vpointusa Client

I should correct... it wasn't Content Timeline (I didn't realize you had a plugin by that name)  -This issue is with the All Around Slider.  And the content is not appearing with the images, unless it is in the first slide.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


can you please close this ticket and open new under correct product. Even though you corrected it after initial mistakeĀ in general sorting for us its still under wrong section.

Also please provide a screenshot or two for this issue when you open new ticket as we are not 100% sure now that seems to be the issue.

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vpointusa Client

And now wait another day for response because I was confused by the names? I guess I don't have any other option.

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