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At a wordpress site we decided to use your plugin ContentTimeline , we purchased it and install it via plugin of the wordpress administration area , we have created a timeline with 23 cards and we added the shortcode at the page 

At first nothink appeared, no timeline , no images, nothink at all, so I right click on the mouse and i saw that some functions looks missing , after that i checked at your demo site with the “Dover Timeline”  template , i found that there was some .js files which was missing at my download zip file “codecanyon-3027163-content-timeline-responsive-wordpress-plugin-for-displaying-postscategories-in-a-sliding-timeline” ,   i tried to get them from your website by hitting the path url of the js files,

i ended up with 3 files jquery.mCustomScrollbar.js , jquery.prettyPhoto.js and jquery.timeline.js , 
i had to create a custom template page and include those files at the end of it , after that  the timeline appeard on my page but it isnt as fast-load as i expect , also it still missing something , if i hit(click) one of the timeline cards it loads the content very slow. it still missing something about e.element.find(…).timelineRollover 

u can check it at the 


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AptShindiri Client

Hello again 

Sorry for the inconvenience, i found what was wrong...

it looks that when i had add the shortcode of the content timeline ... when i hit the page it was loading all the necessary .js files higher at the page. 

So i took all the .js files 


and i add them again at the end of my custom page template
now it looks loading just fine for the content that i have.

Thank you.

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