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thomaspullicino Client

Two short questions :-) 

1) How can I change the Menu font size. What CSS can I enter in this regard. 
2) can I reposition the weather app and the social media links from right above to the right of the Main Logo ? It uses valuable space when up at the top. 



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


to change font size  for menu items fast best is to use custom css option. To target that font use this selector and set desired font value #cssmenu > ul > li > a span { font-size: px;}

About the header: Demo content used define the menu you will have. If you select classic menu you cant change order and position between menus (weather app is in menu top and logo is in the middle for example) by just css alone. That would require some customization of the theme itself

We suggest trying our burger menu as there all content will be in same row. Or using classic and actually adding some content instead google add placeholder with simple html to fill the white space.

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