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One last question for you about uSquare.  What kind of padding can I add to the CSS file to give me just 1 thin line (even 1px would be fine) between the images in the grid row, so there is a thin white line and the images are not immediately flush/adjacent to one another in every row?  If possible, I’d like this option on some grids, but not others, but this may not be possible.  Is there a setting that lets me not have the images flush up against one another on some grids but not others?


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To make such thing, depending of if you want it on all of the uSquares or just one, you will have do put this code:

#usquare_1 .usquare_block {margin-bottom: 2px;}

#usquare_1  <--- if you want to use it for one specific grid, number from shortcode ([usquare id="1"]) refers to its main wrapper and target only that slider.

If you want all of your slider to have that spacing, only use this:

.usquare_block {margin-bottom: 2px;}


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