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tim Client

I’d like to entirely remove the customization thingy to the left (see link: http://abload.de/img/zerothemeterir.png). I am not logged in to the WP backend as an admin or something, the screenshot was made using a second browser.

Also i would like to know how you implemented the language picker in the header on your demo page (http://www.shindiristudio.com/zerowp/). Will regular wordpress translation plugins work on both zero theme AND woocommerce?

Thanks in advance :)

Regards, Tim


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

Hi Tim,

You can very easy disable the settings bar on the left.

This is what you have to do,. add this code inside your custom CSS field:

#show_hide_settings {
display: none !important;

Also Zero supports WPML.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio | http://www.shindiristudio.com/


tim Client

thanks again for your excellent support!

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