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MurcCoder Client

Hi, I’m using the Portfolio Hex section to display work. I am trying to format certain things and having no luck.
1.) How would I make it so the rows of work begin with 3 items and the following row then gets 4? Currently it is set up to start with 4 items in the first row and then 3 in the following row.
2.) I am trying to figure out how to add colored borders to hexagons using a class. Is this possible? I’d like specific color borders around specific hexagons.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

Hi MurcCoder,

thank you for using our product. Please keep in mind we don't provide customization support as stated on our profile. So all we can do is give our opinion on the matter.

1.portfolio hex section is using available width of the screen to position hex items and for purpose of responsive settings its following top/left starting position. You can try with limiting available space but we wouldn't recommend that because of risk of ruining responsive settings.

2. Here we don't recommend trying to add border to div's forming as hex is formed by a number of div's 1 on top of each other with a overflow hidden set. Adding borders will change size of hex and possibly gaps between em. Adding inner borders probably wont cause that problem though. Also without adding new classes it will be impossible to target each hex with different color of the border.

Best regards,
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