Customizing Product pages in Snapshop How TO?

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guglielmoG Client

 I was trying to customize my snapshop product pages but I can’t move anything and frontend doesen’t work properly (doesn’t insert rows or lat me modify existing ones) I’ve tryied to install your demo to put your product layout on my site (It’s about what I’m looking for) but it makes problem with other stuff (I need to use pages and not posts for examples). So how can I customize product pages?
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guglielmoG Client

For example I need to change column size of the Product Image (It's 2-3 now I need a smaller image till 1-2) Where I can find this style information? I tried ti look in woocommerce folder (Plugin folder and as well in theme one). Let me know thank you.
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Can you send us your access data for FTP, database (phpMyAdmin) and WP login info via e-mail to so we could see the problem firsthand? Also, you must include your Ticket ID so we can identify your purchasing and than we can solve your issue.

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