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Is there documentation on how to change the date that shows up on the timeline cards to include the year instead of just month and day?

Also, is there documentation or somewhere online that shows more detail on each item in the settings to further explain them?  Thinks like easing have quite a few choices but no explanation or example of each.  Still not quite sure what easing does.

Using Timeline on WP for our history page and we have quite a number of years.  I know how to go from one year to another and change the speed of transition, but how do you stop on one of them when scrolling?

Take a look at (temp site) then history.  When you mouse over a year a popup shows which is great but the pointer beneath the popup box is pointing to the previous year.  Is that because our timeline bar has so many entries?

Can we change the timeline bar to show a certain date range with an arrow to scroll to more dates?


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Sorry for a bit of delay. We had few days off due to national holidays that aligned with weekend.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

1. There is no documentation about changing date format as changing the format is not a part of plugin options, however there is a way to do it if you want to hardcode format to years only by changing some plugin code. Follow this instructions:
first thing to do is set timeline chronological options to years. Check this screenshot:

Then you need to edit front_html.php file, path is \wp-content\plugins\content_timeline\pages\front_html.php
and change all my_timestamp to Y from 1351 line to 1364: This will hard-code it to years on cards only.

2. There is no extra documentation except the one you got with plugin itself. Also there are additional explanation on every setting present by hover the little question mark above it, check this screenshot:
Also about the easing. An easing function is an algorithm that controls the speed of an animation to give a desired effect. It controls transitions between items for example in Content Timeline. To get more information about it you can check this link:
Or check this examples that will give you chance to test it outside of our plugin: Or you can just change easing inside plugin and see the effect on timeline itself.

3. We don't understand this. If you want to stop on specific card inside year range  (while having many cards inside this year as you said) is impossible. You need to go to certain year by clicking on timeline line node and then use arrows for scrolling on cards for that year.  Or you can make chronological order that is more precise like month. But then you can ignore our answer on question 1. If you didn't ask this but something else and we didn't understand correctly please be more specific.

4. The link you show here is unreachable for us, could it be down temporary or its not live anymore ? But if you have many year on 1 line yes we think this can happen. Setting to change number of years showing is here :
With this setting you can show less "years" on 1 line and reduce the "crowd"

5. This option would be chronological option inside chronological option and that is just not something this plugin can achieve with this setup.

Best regards,
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