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plasmedia Client

good Morning,
I purchased and installed the theme on a new installation of wordpress.
I can not install any of the demo from the install demos
tab .
I also tried to deselect “download images” but the installation does not work and the site disappears
If you need wp-admin login i send you in private message.
Thank You


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plasmedia Client

Now i'm installing from the beginning everything because nothing was working... demo install has created problems to wordpress installation that no longer worked even with the other themes.
Then i give you wp-admin temporary access so you can try.
thank You very much

plasmedia Client

The problem comes with the import of pages and products.
For this reason, by the time I imported only the theme options

Can you hel me to installa demo 1?
the site is:

Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can you send us your access data for FTP, database (phpMyAdmin) and WP login info via e-mail to  and the version of SnapShop DemoContetnt (default, boxed, creative or classic), so we could see the problem firsthand?

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

plasmedia Client

Email sent!
Thank You!

Shindiri Support team Administrator

Conversation continued via e-mail for security purposes.

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