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Hey folks,
I just asked me how the counter (that one you can see in the demo with all features, e.g. “lines of code”) is done. Can you tell me the files which are responsible for that? I saw that there are used several div elements and then something is done with animation, but I can’t figure out the context. 
I like this style of counter, it’s like something I’ve seen in Adobe Edge. But your counters are even better because you can style them seperately by css. It would be very nice if you could give me more details about how it’s done.

Kindly regards,


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Marco, unfortunately you are asking a magician to reveal a trick to the audience.

We can not give away such information as code or design patterns of our product, please understand.

We can only tell you that the counter is one of the shortcodes that comes with Frontend Builder and that all its functionalities are being appended from FB and its setup of code.

Thank you for contacting our support forum.

Best regards,
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