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smudge1 Client

Hi, great plug-in, very easy to use. Just one question, is it possible to disable the vertical scroll bar which is in the pop-up? I would like the pop-up size to automatically fit the height of the content. I have an image in the pop-up and it looks weird that only part of it is showing unless the user scrolls.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator



You can try by turning off / removing all files that are to the mCustom Scrollbar plugin that is used here. Also you will most probably have to adjust height for blocks / remove their height setting from style.css.


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smudge1 Client

Just disabling the jquery.mCustomScrollbar.css file and leaving the height field blank in the plugin seetings seems to have done the trick. Haven't fully tested it yet but so far so good. Thanks for the suggestion.

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