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I am using WP Content timeline and I would like to display it on another website within an iframe. But this doesn’ work for images displayed in the lightbox. The lightbox opens only inside the iframe. It should open within the borders of the parent frame.

I think, the lightbox used in Content Timline is PrettxPhoto, correct? Is there a solution to my problem? I found this:

Can I try this solution, how to best use this? Or do you have a better idea?

Thank you very much for helping!


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yes you can try that solution but we suggest you make backup before you change anything. Start with the most voted solution from that topic and pay attention that the part talking abut gallery bypass will probably need to be implemented too.  Once again its strongly recommended to backup the plugin before this kind of changes are made so if anything goes wrong you can revert to the version before you start customizing.

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