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Wondering why can’t I get “Projects” to be displayed instead of only “Posts”… We already have the site filled with information and we need to display Projects and not Posts, what is the fastest way to solve this?

Can I change the type of display anywhere??? Php? something?

Much appreciate the help.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


if by projects you mean custom post types then unfortunately there is no easy and fast ways to make CT plugin work with them. Getting information for timeline items from custom post types mean we would have to predict what information users have in those types and that is quite impossible to speak frankly. For situation like yours we always recommend creating blank item and populating with custom content you want (add new blank option when creating items)

Our plugin can work with WP posts and WP categories or custom content cards (this demands manual entering content for each item). Everything beyond in regard of this issue is customization which is not part of standard support.


If you are highly skilled programmer you can try to customize plugin to work with custom post type that you create also (projects as you said). Also you can try https://studio.envato.com/ and find a developer that can do that for you.

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