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dreamwyzard Client
I have just purchased your Showcase theme and while it looks great, I have several questions that should be simple fixes but the well-documented documentation is lacking:
I am using the modern navigation grayscale on masonry background only.
1) How does one fix the colour to be one colour only, something other than orange for the hovers on the home page of home3.html? There is no mention of this in the documentation, and no reference that I could see in the CSS files? I want to comment out (or delete entirely) the colour picker if this works.
2) Is it possible to have a logo-square that is 640×320 but have the menu flip open to 320 x 320? For example: the logo is 640, and the menu unfolds to an additional 320 = 960 width total. Just curious if this is possible.
3) Where can I adjust the contact page information so emails come to me? Is the form a PHP mail form?
4) Where do I adjust the colour of font? Colour of font hover? etc?
That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I was disappointed I couldn’t get much further. I’ve purchased a few themes from themeforest and I was always able to dope my way through, but I’m lost with your code. May I suggest you add more comments, and make sure your documentation clearly shows where everything can be found.
I’m awaiting your advice.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator



1.) When you open style.css file, you will notice at the bottom huge chunk of code. That is for the colour-picker itself. In order to customise colours, best way is to remove colour-picker from pages, and to leave only default code. In it, simply replace our hex code for colour with your.

2.) It should be possible. Can you please place your logo on pages, upload them to the server and send us link so we can check and help you set it up?

3.) Unfortunately, we have forgot to pack it together with theme. However we can send file to you. Contact us on support@shindiristudio, and we will send it right away.

4.)To change colour of the font, simply place your colour code instead of ours in the first line. To change colour for the headlines, simply place your colour code in h1, h2, h3... tags brackets, instead of ours.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.


Kind regards,


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