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cnatalino Client

I would like documentation for iMapper WP.
Specifically I am trying to understand how “area” pins work, how to change the shape, color, etc of area pins.


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cnatalino Client

Right now the area pin shows a large purple area and even when I resize the area, it defaults back to the original size.
I want the area pin to be transparent, so it exists but isn't really seen.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


area pin have setting for size of the area it covers. If you tried to set it already but it reverts to original size then we suspect some conflict or problem with the code.

It would be best to send your WP login info to our team via email at so they can check the issue straight away. Also they will be able to send you documentation on imapper but we are positive documentation doesn't cover this kind of problems.  Just include this ticket ID along with WP login info.

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