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codymarthaller Client

Hello.  If you go to http://fmobserver.com/author/john/ and click load more a couple times you will see that it pulls up an article still in draft status.  The one in question is the picture of a water droplet.  Also, why does it say ‘Magazine’ by the little home button?  I can send you pictures if you want.




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codymarthaller Client

One more thing, there is no link to view authors other posts.  When it says who posted the article, why is there no link on the authors name to view all of their other posts?  How would I add that?

codymarthaller Client

I also did make sure that the article in draft status that is showing up is actually in draft status and not published.

codymarthaller Client

I found another problem.  If i'm in the editorial category "http://fmobserver.com/category/editorial/"  and click 'load more' it is displaying articles multiple times.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


"Draft posts"/"Same articles showing up" - Can you send us your WP login info via e-mail at support@shindiristudio.com so we could see what is causing the problem?
"Magazine in breadcrumb" - That is the name of the layout you selected, in the next update, option for selecting that text will be added. If you want to change hard-coded value right now, you can find it in ../anivia/functions.php. It's this piece of code - __('Magazine', 'anivia'); - you can change Magazine ot anything you want.
"Author Info" - You can enable it in Appearance > Theme Options > Advanced Settings > Enable Author Information

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