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genienepreston Client

Hi I am a little desperate. I purchased the Edge wordpress magazine theme. I couldn\\\’t upload it via the usual way even though I printed the documentation and followed it to the letter.

I then went the FTP route where I used FileZilla to upload the files. Once it appeared in my theme directory I selected the theme and activated it which is where it went horribly wrong. When I tried to enter the site it said Invalid Options.

I thought now at this point I need professional assistance and purchased through Envato, assistance for $50 to install, configure etc the theme. He has now come back to me and said

\\\”Hey genienepreston,

cpthapa has sent you a message about Job 33041 for service ThemeForest WordPress Theme Installation:


Hi I tried to setup theme on local before to do on online server, I see theme has some error. Demo setup is not working, would you like to contact the original author of theme.
To get the stable version of the theme.
Also do you want theme demo this http://www.shindiristudio.com/edge/magazine/ to be setup in your site?
Thanks CP\\\”

Thanks Geniene


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


We are not positive why such errors happened, because we have installed it numerous times and all our customers who bought it have no problems.

We can provide You with the latest version, send us an email to support@shindiristudio.com

Include the Ticket ID Number to the email and request the Edge WP theme.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio | http://www.shindiristudio.com/

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