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Thanks I did made the changes in the Frontend builder on line no 5. But I am not able to make this working. getting error  below: What could be the solution.  As i am working localhost, and i dont have ftp right now, I need it working locally so that my client provide the FTP details then only i can have those.
please help.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘fetch – <b>Unknown column ‘type’ in ‘where clause’</b><br>—<br> Query: select * from mzd_revslider_sliders where `type` != ‘template’ order by id ASC’ in F:\xampp\htdocs\meznoeweb\wp-content\plugins\revslider\includes\framework\functions.class.php:14 Stack trace: #0 F:\xampp\htdocs\meznoeweb\wp-content\plugins\revslider\includes\framework\db.class.php(26): RevSliderFunctions::throwError(‘fetch – <b>Unkn…’, -1) #1 F:\xampp\htdocs\meznoeweb\wp-content\plugins\revslider\includes\framework\db.class.php(41): RevSliderDB->throwError(‘fetch – <b>Unkn…’) #2 F:\xampp\htdocs\meznoeweb\wp-content\plugins\revslider\includes\framework\db.class.php(132): RevSliderDB->checkForErrors(‘fetch’) #3 F:\xampp\htdocs\meznoeweb\wp-content\plugins\revslider\includes\slider.class.php(2400): RevSliderDB->fetch(‘mzd_revslider_s…’, ‘`type` != ‘temp…’, ‘id’, ”, ‘ASC’) #4 F:\xampp\htdocs\meznoeweb\wp-content\plugins\revslider\includes\tinybox.class.php(19): RevSliderSlider->getArrSli in F:\xampp\htdocs\meznoeweb\wp-content\plugins\revslider\includes\framework\functions.class.php on line 14


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Can you please contact us via email: support@shindiristudio.com. Also, you must include your Ticket ID so we can identify your purchasing and than we can solve your issue.

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