Few Questions: JS Footer Load, Mailchimp Delate

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Dalee Client


1) Have i the opportunity to load JS Files in the footer? If so, what and how? The loadtime in Google Insights is very bad.
2) How can I completely remove the MailChimpsystem from the Themefiles? I use an own newsletter system.
3) Do I need both plugins JS Composer and JS Composer? I’ve been using the same homepage as your demoversion.

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Dalee Client

PS: The demo-install folder I would also like to remove, if I do that I get a "Fatal Error". How can I delete the demo Install correct?


Shindiri Support team Administrator


1. There is not an option to include a script from the front-end for footer. You have a footer.php script in the installation folder of the theme, you can change end edit directly there if you are tech savvy.

2. Just deactivate the plugin Mail Chimp, and use what you want instead.

3. JS Composer is Visual Composer, there is only one Composer in the theme and that is it.

4. There is no need for deleting the demo-install folder, this is why it gives you errors. There is no way to delete it without consequences.

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Dalee Client

Ok Thx.

U can close a ticket. i have a new, other question but i open a new ticket.

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