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I have set my body text size to 16pt – this works fine for the most part, but certain parts of my site are resizing it to 15pt. I’ve found that inserting p tags forces it to 16pt, but it also adds an unwanted gap above the text.

A good example is the homepage of my site – the first row of 3 image boxes with descriptions beneath – here I’ve inserted p tags in the first box, so the text is 16pt but shifted down the page, and all the other imageboxes have the 15pt text. I cannot find any reference in the CSS to a 15pt font size – please, please, please can you help? I’m pulling my hair out over this one! Thanks!
p.s. I did have another ticket for this but for whatever reason it wasn’t being answered, so thought I would post again! Cheers


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The options for this are located in the style.css file in the main folder of the theme, line 17 which starts with span. It has a defined font-size of 14px, if you delete this it will pull the font-size from the body, or alternatively you can set it to your desired font size.

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srdesign Client

Great stuff, thank you so much!

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