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I appreciate the options for font colours and styles, but is there a way to choose a particular typeface ie, Roboto? I have gone through several of the themes, and notice at the bottom there is style1, style 2 etc… why are these themes given a generic name? are they customisable?

I have only just purchased Content TImeline, so forgive me if I’m missing something.


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thank you for choosing our product.

There is no choose font family setting. It's intended that content used in timeline items inherit already chosen font from the theme, but you can use custom css to fairly easy change font to desired one. About the style1, style2 etc they are somewhat combinations of settings used for some Named styles.  There is no restrictions in setting them just like non-generic named styles. You can adjust them any way you like. Keep in mind that all styles you can use as they are at the moment or use them as starting point for creating unique timelines. Fact that everyone can create different  and unique timeline even without huge experience with Content Timeline plugin is something we are specially proud of.

Thank you.

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