Footer not showing all columns in mobile view

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garthfan0523 Client

Hi!  This theme has been great to work with so far, so thank you!

The biggest problem I am having right now is with the footer.  When rendered in a viewscreen less than 992px wide, three of the four footer columns disappear.  I need to have the entire footer display when viewed on mobile devices.  Now, normally, I’m pretty good with this stuff but, for the life of me, I just can’t find the problem.  Maybe I’ve been at it too long today….

Help?  Thanks!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator



Yes, by design all other columns are meant not to be displayed. However, there is a solution.

Open responsive.css file and in line 34 and 35, remove all properties. That will show all of columns back.

If you encounter any more issues, feel free to contact us.


Kind regards,


garthfan0523 Client

Thank you - that did it!  I appreciate the quick response.  When I am done building this site, I will leave feedback for you on Themeforest.  :)

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